alarm|SIM CARD
alarm|SIM CARD

The SIM card for your alarm panel may be one of the smallest, but is the most important part of any alarm system to ensure effective and reliable communication. An alarm with the wrong SIM card becomes an alarm with no link to the outside world, potentially putting people and property at risk.

The alarm | SIM CARD has been developed to ensure long term, cost effective and reliable communication linking you to your alarm. With multi network conectivity and data inclusive plans we give you total peace of mind.

alarm|SIM CARD ... Designed by experts to keep you connected


Secure connection to the internet without relying on phone lines
Access to mobile networks in over 60 countries and automatic switching between UK networks  
Dedicated Connection
Dedicated data connection to cloud based monitoring services or as a backup to wifi
Data Maintained
Maintain data even if you lose power to your property or your phone line is cut
SMS Compatible
Avoids issues with wifi routers freezing, jamming or dropping the signal to your alarm
Full UK Support
Full UK support via our dedicated online support service 


With over 30 years experience in security and working with the world's leading security manufacturers and telecommunication networks, our service is designed specifically to provide secure communication. Our cost effective SIM card solution differs from other SIM solutions:

Access networks in the UK and over 60 countries worldwide at no extra cost with automatic switching between networks1

Utilises the strongest signal and not restricted to just one network

No steering tier 1 connection, meaning your device accesses the best signal, not the preferred network of the SIM operator

We work directly with alarm manufacturers so understand both the SIM card and your alarm panel to provide the possible support and experience for you

Unlike pay as you go providers we have NO minimum usage requirements to keep the sim active so no nasty surprises that your sim has been cut off

Dedicated UK support services to assist in setting up your panel and remotely diagnosing any connectivity issues2


£4.48 / month

for those that want to use wifi to connect their alarm to the RISCO Cloud but want the reassurance of a backup data connection, via the alarm|SIM CARD, in the event your wifi goes down3

Includes access to RISCO Cloud and priority remote technical support

Cost per annum £53.88
paid in advance + £5 Set Up Fee

£4.98 / month

our most popular plan and allows your alarm to have a 24/7 data connection so you can control your alarm via your smartphone with the peace of mind that your data costs are covered in a low annual fee

Includes access to RISCO Cloud and priority remote technical support

Cost per annum £59.88
paid in advance + £5 Set Up Fee
£6.48 / month

for those that need outbound SMS capability, this plan includes all your data + 10 SMS per month. If you use all 10 SMS during the month, we automatically add another bundle of 10 SMS for just £2.00.

Includes access to RISCO Cloud and priority remote technical support

Cost per annum £77.68
paid in advance + £5 Set Up Fee



Many alarm panels offer wifi as a way to connect the alarm to the internet so you can control and monitor the alarm via a smartphone app. Wifi is convenient but is not as secure or reliable as you think. Here's why, and if your panel is affected by this, you will not be able to access your alarm.....

INTERFERENCE : - Wi-fi signals are prone to interference, are short range and can drop in and out.
FREEZING : - Routers / wi-fi "freezes" and often needs a manual reset.
FIREWALL : - If your router has a built in firewall this can block the alarm from accessing the internet.
RELIANCE : - The wi-fi signal has to travel through a router which then connects to the phone line, to then connect to the exchange and then from there connect to the internet. If there is a problem with the router, phone line or exchange then broadband can be lost and the panel will go offline.
DISCONNECTIONS : - Broadband providers periodically reset the connection based on the quality of connection and this can be from a couple of times a day to once every few weeks and this process can take a few minutes, during which time the panel cannot communicate.
CUT LINE : -  If the phone line is cut from outside the property the broadband line will go down.
ELECTRICITY LOSS : - If the electricity to property is lost, then the broadband router / wi-fi will switch off. 
HACKING : - Wi-fi signals can be hacked or blocked, meaning your alarm cannot connect to the internet.

The simple solution to avoid these issues is install an alarm|SIM CARD