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alarm|SIM CARD


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Before your alarm|SIM CARD can be used, you need you to register the sim, however if you want to find out more about our service click here. Our most popular plan is PLAN10CLOUD which is data and Risco cloud inclusive.

As an alarm|SIM CARD customer and Risco Cloud subscriber  you will benefit from a great pacakage of services designed to give you the best possible experience from your alarm system:

- Risco Cloud access via the iRisco app and website - more details here.
- Data included on all plans. PLAN10 and PLAN10+ gives peace of mind of all inclusive data.
- Technical support with your sim card and panel through our technicak support experts, available 7 days a week, 8am to 10pm daily.
- Remote diagnosis of issues, help with settings or changes. No engineer visits, just the best support delivered remotely.
- FREE Post Installation Set Up Check worth £30. After your alarm is installed, we run a remote diagnosis on your system and report back on the key settings, how they can be improved and made more secure. Simply get in touch after your alarm is fully installed and ask for w Post Install Check.

To register your alarm|SIM CARD, simply choose the Plan you wish to connect to (see here for details of our plans) and we'll get you connected to our network within 24 hours. Please complete your details in full to ensure that the alarm|SIM CARD is set up correctly. We only collect data that is necessary to process your registration and you can view our Privacy Policy here.

You will need the alarm|SIM CARD serial number during the registration. This is a 19 digit number and will be printed on the credit card sized SIM card holder. It starts 8923 or 8944. If you cannot locate this number (please click here). You will also need the Risco alarm panel ID to subscribe. The panel ID can be found on a label on the side of your panel and looks something like this: Panel ID: 000-000-123-456-789. You can subscribe at anytime either before or after you have regsitered your panel at

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